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Very cool game, loved playing it! <3

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Thanks for playing!! I absolutely didn't think about how you could just go over the lower area in the 4th dream, ahah. 

very nice platformer! super pretty sprites and good level design. i though my hitbox was a little bigger than it looked but that's all i got !

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Thanks for playing! I'll take note of that.

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I enjoyed it! I wasn't excited about the floatiness at first, but I actually ended up liking how the wall jump mechanic worked with it. Nicely done! It would have been nice to have a larger screen, but it was fine in html since you could just zoom in (although that did bring a loss in crisp pixel art)


Thanks for playing and thanks for you comment! I'll keep that in mind about resolutions. 

Nice pixelart!You should render the camera to a render texture which you can scale up to make the final screen bigger.

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!